God wants to use you for His Kingdom but before He can you must be willing to humble yourself before Him. I can not stress enough the importance of humbling ourselves in order to gain more from our walk with Jesus Christ. What good is knowledge or talent or skill when the person they belong to are unwilling to fulfill God’s Call on their life?

Pride can come in many forms. Sometimes people get so prideful that they think they know better than God does when it comes to matters of their own life. God knows everything about each and every one of us and when we allow our pride to try and tell Him what we need, we put ourselves in the driver seat. The problem with us being at the wheel is that we don’t see around the corners of life. We can only see to the corner but not around it. God sees everything coming our way and He knows all the detours we must take. When we humble ourselves we are saying to God, “OK, Lord. I trust you to take me where I really need and want to go in life. You lead.”

Don’t miss out on what God has for you, listen in as I go over the “in’s and Out’s” of humility.

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