Strength Through Christ

Every Believer in Christ is able to tap into the unlimited strength of God when doing His Will. This is NOT achieved by our own willpower, but rather by having an attitude of Faith and a desire to do God’s Will. 

I. We Need to Get Out of the Way

Many times we trust our own strength over God’s. Many who are attractive, wealthy, smart and physically fit put faith in themselves rather in God who is the Giver of all our gifts and talents. God wants us to use the gifts and talents He has blessed us with, but with thanksgiving and with submission to His Will. Our own strength can fail when we use it without seeking God’s Will. We must be sure that what we are undertaking is the Will of God. If it is God’s Will, you can do it through His strength. But you must be submissive in Faith to Him.

II. God’s Strength is Unlimited

God is not subject to the shortcomings that Humans exhibit. We are only Human and subject to the laws of Nature. But God has an unlimited amount of strength. God often calls us to do things in which we MUST pray for His strength in order to achieve them. The strength of God is inside of every Christian. We need only to ask Him for it in faith. God’s strength is enuring and everlasting. Our own can only last for so long then we must rest.

III. Our Own Strengths Can Be Our Weaknesses

Satan often uses our own strengths against us. Satan will tempt you to use your strength in an ungodly way. Our own strengths can keep us from  coming to God in prayer. Our strength seeks to please self, but God’s strength seeks to achieve His Will.

IV. God’s Strength Saves Us

Only God has the strength to Save us from the grip of Sin and the punishment of Hell. Through the strength of Christ, God delivers the sinner to Salvation. Through the strength of Christ, Believers can say “NO” to temptation and “YES” to GOD. Through the strength of Christ, ministries are born and churches are built.

Key Verse
Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.